Hi, I’m Yi, a Melbourne based designer, illustrator, and painter. I have a background in accounting and sales, but my passion for drawing and design has drawn me back to the design industry.

I am a new graduate of Shillington College where I studied to improve my proficiency in the Adobe suite, as well as my design and critical thinking skills, applying them to brand identities, UI, UX, packaging, and advertising campaigns.

I am an easy-going person who’s into a variety of drinks ;) whiskey, sake, wines, coffee...And recently one of my favourite things to do is to go to Dan Murphy and have a  look at different liquor packaging LOL. I am a food lover too, my favourite cuisins will be Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Mexican, and I like trying different receipts and invite friends to join me. I am practicing my cooking skill and maybe one day you will see me on the Masterchef. :)

Let’s have a coffee together :)

Insta: yizhaodesignylolai
Email: irina.zhao777@gmail.com